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1+1= Music after-school programs aim to give children and teens the confidence to use their voice through music education and performance. Instructors act as a support system encouraging self-expression and self-respect. Through a variety of group activities and one-on-one instruction we cultivate the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) values that form the core of the independent music experience: confidence, self-reliance, and original thinking. During the time spent in our program those participating will have the opportunity to play an instrument, sing, write a song, collaborate with one another, and celebrate the experience by recording their creation.

Our public schools are sadly suffering tremendous budget cuts, especially in arts education. 1+1= Music offers 2 month semesters of after-school classes that will aid in filling that void. Our scholarships and sliding scale rates are based on financial need. The idea is that when a child whose family is capable of paying a reasonable tuition enrolls in the program, they are also assisting an underprivileged child by affording him or her the opportunity to participate in the program as well as. Not only is this an inspiring and extremely rewarding process for all involved, it also provides experience and a set of values that our students can apply to all aspects of their lives.

In addition to our after-school programs 1+1= Music offers private voice, piano, guitar, performance technique, recording arts and songwriting instruction as well as small group classes for students of all ages.